• + Our Vision:

    It is the vision of Life Changers Ministries International to holistically empower people to positively impact and influence every sphere of society with the message, authority and power of the Kingdom of God. In order to accomplish this vision, there are three distinct arms of this church that will facilitate the empowerment of our people. These areas are the Spiritual Empowerment Arm, the Educational Empowerment Arm and the Economic Empowerment Arm.


    The Spiritual Empowerment Arm of this ministry entails both In-reach and Outreach programs. Our In-reach programs include Quality Worship Services, Quality ministries such as our Children’s Ministry, and Discipleship Courses that teach new converts how to mature spiritually. We also offer Spiritual Enrichment conferences and services as well as Spiritual Gift Development programs that trains and strengthens the specific God given gifts of our Owners. Our outreach programs include community based programs such as the Life Changers Marching Band as well as Evangelistic Outreaches. We have future plans to expand our outreach programs through the development of the Drug/Alcohol Rehab Program.


    The Educational Empowerment arm of our vision functions under the slogan “Empowering Minds for Success”. We believe that education is the key to transforming a people and ultimately a nation.  To this end, our vision is to holistically empower children through education and to empower the minds of God’s people to impact and influence every sphere of society. The Life Changers Academy of Excellence Schools (LCAES) will be responsible for the educational empowerment arm of L.C.M.I. This will encompass a pre-school, a primary school, a junior high school, a high school and a college under the name Life University, which has already begun.  We also plan to have a School of Entrepreneurship which will focus on training and developing successful entrepreneurs.


    Along with our Spiritual and Educational empowerment arms we have the Economic Empowerment arm. The Economic Empowerment arm seeks to bring financial empowerment to God’s people. We envision people moving from employees to employers, tenants to landlords and untimely from being the borrower to being the lender. We plan to accomplish this through trade shows, financial and small business seminars / training as well as through the development of The “B.O.S.S.” Network-(Business Owners Support System). Our aim is to develop business and investment opportunities such as a Gated Housing Subdivision, a Shopping Plaza as well as the Life Changers Credit Union which is already in the embryonic stage of development.


    At Life Changers we believe that God wants His people to infiltrate every sphere of society with the message of the Kingdom.  This can only be done when people are empowered in every area of their life.

  • + Our Core Values:


    • Our desire is to empower each partner to become all that God has created them to be.  We believe in equipping people with the necessary tools to become successful in EVERY area of life.



    • This ministry stands upon Integrity. Our people are challenged to walk with integrity in every area of their lives. There is a zero tolerance in this ministry for sin and substandard living.



    • Everything we do here at Life Changers, we seek to do with a spirit of excellence. There is zero tolerance for mediocrity or sub-standard performance.



    • God has mandated this house to be a house of faith. Understanding the significance of faith in the life of the believer, it is therefore our mission to educate, inspire, encourage and motivate people to live by faith.
  • + FAQ's:

    When was this ministry started? This ministry opened its door April 20, 2003 on the Pitt Road, in the JEM Plaza, Nassau, Bahamas. Who are we affiliated with? Life Changers Ministries International functions as an independent organization. What type of church is this? Life Changers Ministries International is a non-denominational charismatic ministry that preaches and teaches the unadulterated word of God. Our mandate is to train, equip, mature and develop Christ-like believers to live victoriously and become effective Kingdom workers. Who have we been called to reach out to? Ezekiel 34:1-4 The weak The sick The hurting The broken The lost The powerless
  • + Our Beliefs:

    STATEMENT OF BELIEFS We believe God exists in three persons, namely the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. God is the Creator of Heaven and the Earth. Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Second Coming of Jesus Christ. We are Abraham’s seed. The Sacraments of Holy Communion. God is sovereign over all. Every believer should be baptized in the Holy Ghost. Every believer should be baptized with water. The word of God is infallible, true and holy. The Five-Fold ministry gifts given to the church by Jesus. The Gifts of the Spirit. Prayer is the door-way to the heart of God. God’s greatest desire is to bring salvation to the lost.

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