• + S.E.E.D.S Children's Ministry & "I Am" Youth Min.:

    At Life Changers Ministries International we have focused on developing quality programs that assist with ministering the word of God to the ‘whole man’. The ministries at Life Changers Ministries International are geared towards empowering people spiritually, economically and through education.


    S.E.E.D.S. Children’s Ministry and “I AM…” Youth Ministry


    One of our fastest growing ministries is our S.E.E.D.S. Children’s Ministry. This ministry is empowering the minds and spirits of children in the ministry between the ages of 0-10 years old. Every year this ministry hosts a vast slate of outreaches such as B.I.G. Kids Community Outreach as well as empowerment sessions catered to empowering children and parents. Some these events are Praise Pajama Party, Vacation Bible School, Parenting Seminar and Children’s Health Sunday which brings in doctors and nurses who provide free checkups and teach the children to be healthy. After reaching the age of eleven the children now transition to “I AM…” Youth Ministry which is purposed to empower, train, mature and develop the young people between the ages of 11-18, into victorious “next generation” kingdom workers. The youth ministry presents the gospel of Jesus Christ to the young people in a manner that will compel them to make Him Lord of their life. They host bi-weekly sessions as well as host events such as Youth Revivals, Youth Sundays, Lock-Ins, Mix and Mingles, Community Walk Abouts, and ‘Real talk’ sessions.

  • + New B.I.R.T.H. Women's & Chosen Men's Ministry:

    After becoming an adult young women and men transition into New B.I.R.T.H. Women’s Ministry and Chosen Men’s Ministry. Both ministries are geared towards building individuals through sessions that teach fundamental life lessons. Some of the events put on by the women’s ministry are the Inner and Outter Beauty Expo, Health Care discussion group, Cooking and baking competitions as well as BJC and BGCSE classes for the young ladies and women in need of them. Along with empowering ladies 18 and over there is a specialty group under the women’s ministry called Daughters of Purity which seeks to mentor and mold young ladies between the ages of 11 and 19 years old. The men’s ministry also is in the process of developing a similar program to aid in mentoring the young men of the ministry. In keeping with their aim to empower and uplift men in fulfilling God’s purpose for them, the men’s ministry of LCMI has future plans to assist the correctional facilities for young men as well as the prison and Children’s Emergency Hostile. At the moment they host a number of events such as the Men and Money Seminar as well as School outreaches aimed toward young men in particular and they assist in facilitating the Church vs Community Basketball Jamboree.

  • + One Flesh Marriage Ministry & Intercessory Min.:

    Along with empowering men and women individually our church also focuses on empowering men and women who are married. One Flesh Marriage Ministry was created because we believe that marriage and family is the foundation of the church thus the marriage ministry is geared towards building and developing healthy marital relationships by providing support, strength, encouragement and motivation. The marriage ministry meets on a monthly basis and couples are taught through games, activities and interactive talk sessions on how to keep a happy healthy marriage. We also bring in guest speakers at events such as Married Couples Retreat and Marriage Refresher seminars to further assist in developing marriages. The marriage ministry also hosts dinners, day sail away trips and a couple’s cruise which helps facilitate married couples fellowshipping together in an effort to build each other.

  • + Agents of Changers Evangelism Ministry:

    Some of our ministries that focus solely on spiritual empowerment are the Agents of Change Evangelism Ministry and Intercessory Ministry. Our Evangelism Ministry focuses on four main areas in an effort to reach people. The first being Outreach which is geared towards spreading the gospel to the lost. Discipleship is the second arm which provides a class to all new converts on how the basics of Christianity, how to mature spirituality and how to discover your God given purpose. The third area is Benevolence which is geared towards giving groceries to those in need and the Visitation arm which is the fourth area focuses on visiting those who are sick or going through a hard time. Our intercessory ministry meets on a weekly basis to pray for our church, the members of our congregation, the body of Christ as a whole, our nation, our leaders in politics and in Christianity as well as the sick and bereaved. They also pray for those who come in or call with a prayer requests.

  • + First Impression Ministry:

    Our First Impression Ministry’s objective is to make each person’s visit at LCMI a welcoming and comfortable one. This ministry consists of Parking Lot attendants who ensure that all persons are greeted from the parking lot and that the parking lot is neatly organized, also door greeters who give a warm smile and hug to all who enter. We also have ushers who ensure that finding a seat is an easy process as well as protocol officers who ensure that all Pastors and guest speakers / ministers are well equipped and comfortable. This ministry ensures that visiting and attending LCMI is a pleasure and seeks to not only leave a great first impression but a lasting one.

  • + Music Ministry & Fine Arts Ministry:

    To further assist with spiritual empowerment we have the Music Ministry which is comprised of Psalmists (Praise Team and Soloists) and Minstrels (Musicians). This ministry is responsible for ushering the congregation into the presence or God and creating an atmosphere conducive for the word of God to be brought forth. We also have the Fine Arts Ministry which consists of the drama ministry, Hind’s Feet Dance Ministry and Transformation Mime Ministry. Through the arts the word of God is presented through visual dramatic representation as well as through prophetic and choreographed movements. These ministries help to advance the kingdom of God by ministering to those who are hurting, broken and lost. All three of the arms in the fine arts ministry is geared towards witnessing, bringing healing and liberating the captive.

  • + Zowae Fitness Ministry:

    As our vision is a holistic approach we have developed Zowae Fitness Ministry which will assist in helping God’s people live a healthy lifestyle. Through weekly exercise regiments and varying workout sessions this ministry caters to a wide variety of body types and fitness needs. Just as we would like our spirit man to be healthy we would also like the physical man to be healthy. This ministry ensures that God’s people are able to see their promised three score and ten or beyond so that they can impact the world for the glory of God.

  • + Life Media Group:

    Our ministry is not just geared towards empowering those who walk through our doors but we aim to reach the world with the message of God. With the motto, “Advancing the Kingdom one household at a time” our media ministry, Life Media Group, takes the message of God around the world via online streaming, social media outlets, as well as through our television program Living Beyond Limits, which airs throughout the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. Life Media also provides digital sermons for persons to purchase as gifts either in CD, DVD, MP3 or MP4 format. They also provide the option of downloading from Amazon, iTunes and other multimedia sites.

  • + Our Vision:

    No matter the avenue or method Our Vision purpose and aim is to holistically empower people to positively impact and influence every sphere of society with the message, authority and power of the Kingdom of God.

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